hi, manny,

I have been leading and managing various development teams over the past
5 years, and have found that it is far easier to maintain 2 sets of sql/IIs
and mts one for development and the second for testing, this has many befits,
but requires that you must take care with backups of the servers and also
allocating specific workspac/temporay work areas for your developers, this
is most important with the SQL and MTS components.

For example I am currently in charge of a full rewrite of a large warehouse
system for a client and the client only has the resource for a production
server and ONE development server, on this server we have MTS, IIs and SQL
server 6.5, I have divided the SQl database and DSN's into the following
main areas, production, pre-productioon & testing, development, and finally
backup for all of the preceeding, we make a backup of the development system
2 times a day, the testing platform we restore to a defined test data set,
and then creating a backup after running some tests for comparative analysis,
and once a day minimum for the production server,

should you require further info, or thoughts please mail me.

"Manny Liwanag" <mliwana@sndnet.com> wrote:
>I'm in the process of setting up a development environment using the MS

>My question is should I have my fellow developers use one IIS, MTS, SQL

>to develop applications or should I install IIS, MTS, SQL server on each
>of the developers machine to develop applications?
>Assuming they are working on the same project, what are the pros and cons
>of each method?
>Any advice is most appreciated,
>Thank You,
>Manny Liwanag
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