Tsyrulnikov Edward <ceu@a-teleport.com> пишет в
> Dear sirs !I need in your advice.Please assist me build the next query:
> to database:
> I have the next 3 table
> 1table A char
> A1 float
> 2 table B char
> B1 float
> 3 table C char
> C1 float
> I want select A from the first table which has the corresponding A1 which
> satisfied next condition :it must take minimal value in expression
> A1-(B1+C1)
> I ve tried towrite something likes
> select min(A1-(B1+C1)) from 1table but it doesnt allows select any char
> please assist me to correct this problem I spent 2 days trying to make

> Sincerely yours Edward