When using a VB COM object to connect to a database which is better to output
the HTML results. To do objASPResponse.write and a loop from the VB Object,
or to build a string with a loop and return the string to the ASP page, or
to return maybe an array(from rs.getRows) to the ASP page and do the loop
in the ASP page?

Question 2:
I usually just do everything is ASP, not in COM Objects. So can someone help
me through this. I usually do something like this to get data from a database:
Dim objConnTemp,objRSTemp,arryRS,strDSN
strDSN =
set objConnTemp=server.createobject("adodb.connection")
objConnTemp.CommandTimeout = 120
objConnTemp.ConnectionTimeout= 30
objConnTemp.ConnectionString = strDSN
set objRSTemp = objConnTemp.Execute("sp_search")
if not objRSTemp.eof then
arryRS = objRSTemp.GetRows
end if
'loop through it here.
I usually don't use "ADODB.Command" or "ADODB.Recordset", but as I have been
looking at a lot of VB Sample Code, I see that most of them use both "ADODB.Command"
and "ADODB.Recordset". Should I now change my usual practices and do this
too? And if not then how in my VB code will I dim arryRS and objRSTemp.
Private objRSTemp as ?????
Private arryRS as As Variant ?????

Thanks to anyone that can help me out here. Also, any sample code is appreciated.