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    Eric Guest

    VBScript Class vs. COM

    What is the advantage of using a VBScript class over using a VB COM object?
    Please give detailed examples if possible.

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    Scott Mitchell Guest

    Re: VBScript Class vs. COM

    Hello Eric.

    Where to start? :-) COM objects have a number of advantages over script-created
    classes: for starters, they are compiled, which hides the source; COM components
    are also considered to lead to performance increases (see http://www.15seconds.com/Issue/001009.htm
    for an interesting article on COM/script performance... the lesson of the
    article? Always run performance tests to see what works best for you!).

    Despite its advantages, COM components are a pain to develop. A royal pain.
    Each small change requires a recompilation, a stopping of the Web server,
    and a regsvr32 to register the new version of the component. Sigh. That
    is annoying. Very annoying.

    The nice thing about VBScript classes is that they don't require the nasty
    recompilation and reregistration... just make a single change and you're
    ready to go! Granted, for a large site's production server, you should use
    COM components. But in the interim, when you're developing the site (or
    if you run a smaller site), I find VBScript classes (or Window Scripting
    Components (see: http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/050400-1.shtml ) to
    be the best solution.

    The main thing is that you use some form of class to encapsulate business
    logic and allow for code reuse... that's what I am trying very hard to hammer
    home in my book, Designing Active Server Pages.

    Thanks for a great question!

    Scott Mitchell

    * When you think ASP, think 4GuysFromRolla.com!

    "Eric" <edl2@hotmail.com> wrote:
    >What is the advantage of using a VBScript class over using a VB COM object?
    > Please give detailed examples if possible.

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