I am trying to set up replication between an NT Server running SQL Server 7
Standard, Service Pack 2, and a remote Win 2000 workstation, running SS7
Desktop, SP2.

I am using a dial-up connection between the two. I have set up the remote
WIN 2K machine as a publisher/distributor. I have enabled anonymous

When I use Enterprise Manager on the NT Server, I am able to register the
remote machine using it's private IP address. I can then set up a Pull
Subscription, using the publication established on the remote machine.

The problem is that I am getting errors when I connect. In the job history
for this pull, I get the following messages:
1) Category: AGENT
Source: KNOXVILLE -- note that this is the name of the remote computer,
not it's IP
Number: blank
Message: The process could not connect to distributor 'KNOXVILLE'

2) Category: SQL SERVER
Number: 1326
Message: Client unable to establish connection.

Not having the experience in setting up replication, I am unsure what to try
next. I am thinking that it has something to do with using the IP address
to register the server, but replication uses the computer name. However, I
cannot register it using the computer name.

Any help will be much appreciated.