Hi Deborah,

I cannot say enough about your book...it has provided great insight and has
already answered many of my questions in the past. I have read both VB 5
and VB 6 and look forward to VB 7.

I have the following questions...

1) Where do you see the future of XML? How does it compare to variant arrays
and recordsets as a data transfer method?

2) I understand that the new database engine for Access will the same as
the database engine used by Microsoft SQL Server and replacing the Jet engine.
I also have read about the scaled version of SQL Server for the desktop.
Is there a move in the industry to focus on Microsoft SQL Server rather
than Access?

3) Are there any resources or case studies detailing how the various organizations
that have implemented your GUIDS methodolgy in their development projects
that I could read? Similar to whitepapers on the MSDN.

Thanks Deborah...keep up the fantastic work.