Hello all,

I've pounded my head against this for several days now and I've finally given

I need to read a Timestamp out of the database and use it to compare to a
previous timestamp in DTS. This should be simple, but it's not.

The code to get a timestamp out of a db as a string is well documented in
sp_hexadecimal. That works great and I am using it to get my comparison value.
I need a vb script function that will take the byte array (that's what binary
values in SQL convert to in VB) and convert it into a string the same way
as sp_hexadecimal does so that I can compare the two.

A sde note, the columns return with a ubound of 7. That's correct. It translates
as an array lenght of eight. However, the column value translates as a lenght
of 4. Only four of the eight bytes are there. What's up with that?.

Someone out there is doing this. Please let me know what the trick is.