I working with a test network in my office. one system is Win NT Server with
Pervasive SQL 7 and Pervasive Software ODBC32 2.54. The other system is running
Win 2000 Server with SQL Server 7 Enterprise and Pervasive Software ODBC32

I am developing a reporting program and due to the slowness of odbc and possible
conflicts with an older accounting software program that would be in use,
we want to transport the data to our SQL Server and process the data using
OLE DB instead.

Here is my problem:
While using the Data Transport Wizard to set up a package for import I can
access the ddf files to create the tables on the SQL Server. I also notice
that the MicroKernal Active Users Interface on the Pervasive SQL Server advises
me that these files are being accessed. I can look at the first 100 lines
within the data files as I proceed through the wizard. However, when the
wizard runs the import package the tables are created but no data is being
imported. The MicroKernal Active Users Interface does not show any files
are being accessed.

Why can't I import any data into my tables? I have successfully imported
the data into MS Access with no problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.