Hello. I have no real training on SQL but I have managed to create a DTS
using the wizard to accomplish what I want to occur:
I have a query that produces a file. The DTS sends the file to a different
server which picks up the file for an interface. That part works.

My problem is I want to schedule the DTS to run as a job. I go through all
the steps on the wizard and it looks great, but the first time it runs it
fails with only a cryptic -"failed at step one". Step one is to execute
the DTS and query that works just fine when I manually execute it. The scheduling
works because it runs, and fails, every hour on the hour.
I have also tried just right clicking on the DTS, going to scheduling and
trying to "schedule" it from there, but it won't save my changes and reverts
back to not being scheduled.
I am sure I'm missing something fundamental, but if the DTS works successfully
shouldn't I just be able to schedule it to run as a job??