Maximum number of statements in command object

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Thread: Maximum number of statements in command object

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    Francesco Lari Guest

    Maximum number of statements in command object

    I was sending to an SQL 7 database a large chunk of INSERT INTO statements
    in a single cn.Execute SQL statement, by wrapping them with a BEGIN TRANS/END
    TRANS statement.

    the code works fine till about 400 INSERT INTO statements, then it fail silently:
    the transaction remain open (it seem SQL never get to the END trans statement)
    and then timeouts.

    It seems this is not related to the string size but rather to the number
    of INSERT INTOs. Trimming the string size to about half size by omitting
    the column list yeld the same limit of 400 statements, even if the Len(SQL)
    is far shorter.

    I cannot find this limit anywhere in SQL documentation. Is it a bug? Of course
    I worked around it in the code, and I understand that sending more than 400
    INSERT INTO in a single string isn't probably very smart, but I'm wondering
    why the documentation don't state this as to be a limit.

    Francesco Lari

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    Ellen Khlystova Guest

    Re: Maximum number of statements in command object

    The problem may be that there is not enough space for log files, or the "inserted" or
    "deleted" tables. When the statement fails ( hangs ), do at least the first few
    records get inserted? Do you get "out of disk space" message if you let transaction
    to stay open? These are the things to investigate if you are interested in exactly
    what happens with 400 INSERTs.

    Hope this helps.

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