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    ravindra Guest

    Using C# COM+ in Delphi

    how to use the C# COM+ in Delphi6.

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    Peter Drayton Guest

    Re: Using C# COM+ in Delphi

    Presuming Delphi can consume COM components, you can expose .NET types to
    COM clients by registering them with RegAsm.exe and (for COM+ C# component)
    RegSvcs.exe. This works well, and is very straightforward.

    Alternately, you could host the .NET runtime using the COM or DLL APIs, then
    load the types into your host process. More work than merely using
    RegAsm.exe, but more control.

    Hope this helps,

    "ravindra" <ravindra_kupsad@rediffmail.com> wrote in message
    > hi,
    > how to use the C# COM+ in Delphi6.

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