Hi Simon

Thanks very much to Simon and Andrew for all your help.

I have used something very similar to what Simon suggested: Copied the rows
into an unindexed TempTable (SQL server DTS 7.0 does not allow for #TempTbl
formats, so you need to create a table and then drop it later). From there,
a select distinct on what I wanted to be the primary key worked, but please
note that for whoever else uses this, this will just forget about other potentially
necessary information. If you do a select distinct for all, then you end
up with the exact same problem as before, so for now just get your PK sorted
out. Then expand the table to have all the new columns (as in the origional
table), then add the remaining field values in from the original temp table.
Don't forget to index the new table.

This was the method I used, but I belive that Simon's may be less messy!

Good luck!