I have been mentored by folks that understand your methodologies of OOD.
Hopefully, they have understood your pratices and applied them to me.

I have no problem modeling a VB application for objects and events, however
I constantly struggle with providing a model when we are implementing an
tiered approach with ASP, COM, MTS, and RDS.

My struggle stems from the physical "middle-tier". It doesn't play a role
in the object model nor the event model. Where does it go? Am I mistaken?

One example, an OCX running in a webpage asks a middle-tier object to return
an object (from my object model). The objects returned have no database code
whatsoever, but the middle-tier object did and is running as a stateless
object. The middle-tier business object simply retrieved the recordset and
built my object following the rules defined for the object model. I have
no problem diagramming it though I cannot determine how to document it.

Do the modeling practices change for OOD when the web is a factor?

Thanks, Greg