I've posted this elsewhere also, I'm going to try it here to. Sorry for any
incovienence this cause for those of you who have already read this..

I have a product which up until 1 month ago was using a Jet 4.0 DB. I've
converted it to MSDE successfully and it is working quite well....


I have a couple of our beta users who have stations (always 9X stations)
who cannot connect to the database. In these cases, MSDE is installed on
a 98 station. The only reason this is the case (it's a long story) is that
I have 1500 + installations of this product, and we have been selling it
in all previous version as a Win98 server to get around the 10 concurrent
connections of NT Workstations, and because of some problems we were having
with a 3rd party vendor's controls. Regardless of how I got here, I am faced
with 1500+ users who have already inversted in these machines and operating
systems, and would not be to happy if the next version of my product ships
requiring a OS upgrade to a Win2000 Server...

So now we get to my issue. Since my MSDE Server cannot support Named Pipes,
I am specifying in the connection string that the TCP/IP library be used
with SQL security. I will now describe two network where we had this problem
and how we fixed it in the first instance.

User had 10, Win2K stations and 10 Win98 stations. One of these was the
MSDE server. The Win98 stations were in a workgroup, and the Win2K stations
were in a domain. The software was installed on all of the stations, but
only the Win2K stations could connect. All of the rest received connection
timeouts. Even the software on the Win98 MSDE server could not connect to
itself. After some trouble shooting, we moved the MSDE server into the domain
containing the Win98 stations. After this, all stations could connect.
The whole time any of these stations could view the share-points on the MSDE

User has 10 stations. All are plugged into a single hub. All but one of
the stations can connect to the database, getting the same timeout expired
message. If I change the name of the msde server in the connection string
for this one station to the IP address of the MSDE server, it can connect,
but it cannot connect using the stations name.

I've had great success with MSDE except for these weird networking scenarios.
Does anyone have any experienec with this and if you do, can you determine
what I might be overlooking?

Thanks in advance,