I am a visual foxpro programmer
I want to create array in SQL 6.5 to perform some tasks.
# Visual coding
Local lnArrayLength , lni

Dimension laDbf[2]
laDbf[1] = "a"
laDbf[2] = "b"
lnArrayLength = alen(laDbf)

for lni = 1 to lnArrayLength
if used(laDbf[lni])
use in (laDbf[lni])
next lni

Now in SQL 6.5
I have create a lot of view
i just want to create an array , and than i assign all the view-name
in the array
than loop all the elements in array and test if the view is exists ,
drop the view.

if exists (select * from sysobjects where name = "view")
drop view "view"

since the if command is same to all the view
i want to create array and use a loop to loop until the end of array.