I am running a single instance of Ent SQL Server on a W2K Advanced Server
with approx 3.5 GB's of RAM. With them both being 32 bit the memory limit
is 2 GB unless... you add the /3GB switch in the boot.ini file. The documentation
I have found on this is a bit confusing (to me anyway) from my understanding
the adding of /3GB switch in the boot.ini file should allow any optimized
app to now take 3 GB of RAM but I also read that SQL Server requires a AWE
option enabled for large memory management - If I have enabled the /3GB switch
and turned on AWE in SQL (Not sure if I have to unless my system is above
4 GB or RAM) while also limiting the max memory that SQL can have to just
shy of 3 GB (2.9 GB) could I expect SQL Server to take upto the 2.9 Gig limit
and the remaining memory (.6 GB) to be made avail to the OS or will it do
something entirely different? Any help is appreciated...