I'm having a problem that I can't quite pinpoint, and is only occurring on
SOME of the computers I'm designing from.
I apologize for the long-winded post, but I'm in need of advice and I don't
know many I can ask in respect to this subject.

I'm building a website using VB webclasses. If I write to my web template
from within VB using Response.write... I never have a problem. There are
many times, however, when this is not the best approach. Instead, I'm often
concatenating a long string of HTML text and inserting this string via Process
Tag function. As a result, when I run my application, only a portion of
this string will be delivered to the HTML document... maybe 100 characters
or so at best. I have followed the progress of my string all the way to
the "TagContents =" insertion point within VB, and it remains completely
intact all the while. It is only when the HTML document actually receives
this information that the problem seems to arise.
Although this is a common practice, it's become a serious problem for me...
on SOME (but NOT all) computers I design from.

Here's a sort example of what I mean....

Private Sub ClientPage_ProcessTag(ByVal TagName As String, TagContents As
String, SendTags As Boolean)

Select Case LCase(TagName)
Case "wc@clientinfo"
TagContents = "ClientInfo()"
End Select

End Sub

Private Function ClientInfo() As String

...' Dim this, Set that...blah blah blah

If rClient.EOF Then
ClientInfo = ""
ClientInfo = ClientInfo & "<B>" & rClient!Fname & " "
ClientInfo = ClientInfo & rClient!Lname & "<BR>"
ClientInfo = ClientInfo & rClient!streetaddress & "<BR>"
ClientInfo = ClientInfo & rClient!city & ", "
ClientInfo = ClientInfo & rClient!State & " - "
ClientInfo = ClientInfo & rClient!postalcode & "</B><BR><BR>"
End If

... 'blah blah blah

End Function

If I were to run this and look that the resulting webpage, I might see something
like this:

John Smith
123 Main Street

Then the HTML string just quits on me. Normally, it would handle a short
string like this without a problem, but anything longer and my problem occurs.

If it's any help, One computer running Win2000, IE5, IIS - having this problem,
Second computer (Same configuration) no problem. Third Computer, Win98,
IE5, PWS... the problem occurs.

I'm relatively new to using VB for web apps, particularly web classes, so
this may be an obvious call to someone with more experience... at least,
that's what I'm hoping!

Any advice would sure be appreciated!