Can anyone tell me if it is better to design objects as described below to
improve performance and limit overhead? Some people I work with are arguing
these points with me.

1. Limit the use of properties because they require additonal round trips
from the client to the MTS server. Same concept for database calls.

2. Design business and data objects to pass data back to the GUI instead
of loading a business object (class/collection) and loading GUI controls
from the business object. Then immediately destroy (set to nothing) the
business and data objects. The argurment here is that leaving MTS objects
active keeps transactions open too long and eats up resources.

3. Basically, objects in MTS should just look more like a BAS module with
functions that return values.

In my mind, if you are programming object, they should be designed with the
appropriate properties and methods. Wheather or not they are located on
the users PC or in MTS, the interface should not matter. Furthermore, MTS
is designed to manage the use of objects more efficiently. The points above
suggest a design that is not very object oriented.

Thanks for your feedback.