Hi All,

Just did my first MTS component and come into a security problem.

The design for the MTS component is done and I just implemented the design.
The object only has one method in it, it accepts a RDO connection object,
under this connection object, I need to create a temp table, insert a few
records. I commented out the database access part of code and put under MTS
package, setup the security option etc. Export the package, then installed
it on another PC, the client program can talk the component under MTS,
everything is OK.

Then I enabled the database access block of code, but this time it didn't
work, the line references the RDO connection object will fail, and the error
message is "permission denied 70", I commented out the database access code,
it works again.

The reason of pass RDO connection object is to create a temp table,
connection-based, then pass control back to the client, then the client app
can use the same RDO connection to fire off dynamic SQL, which uses the temp
table, such as join or subquery.

From the MTS design point of view, this might not be a good design, I can
pass a connection string, but the problem is any temp tables created under
the newly-created connection is not visible to client app.

Any help will be apprecaited.