Hi All,

How can I send email to and receive email from other Mail server through
proxy server.
In my company, we have proxy that will connect to internet using dialup account.
Exchange server is on another computer. This 2 servers are connected in the
same Network. What am I supposed to do in order for Exchange Server to be
able to forward all emails to smtp Host at ISP.

I have my own domail. Let's call "test.com". If my friend wants to send email
to me at "admin@test.com". My ISP will collect all emails sent to "test.com"
on their host. Once my Exchange server connect to internet, it will retrieve
all mails from pop3 server of ISP. Then, it will forward emails to the particular
mailboxes. And if user in the company want to send email out to another mail
server, I have to forward all email to smtp server of ISP first. This is
because I don't have permanent connection to the Internet.

I really want to know how I can do. Please send email to me at s_charurat@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much.