We are pleased to announce to this list, Expresso XML 1.0b, an Apache Style
Open Source project which enables XML functionality in the Expresso Framework
project(Expresso), which is also open source.

The Expresso XML project provides basic facilities for importing and exporting
DBObjects to XML format streams and/or files. In addition, a Transaction
object has been developed that allows multiple imports and exports via servlets
between servers, creating the basis for an XML-based replication. XMLTrx
provides an XSLT front-end to any Transaction object
from Expresso. This enables the UI of a Transaction to be specified as an
XSL stylesheet, making changes to the presentation and operation of Transactions
very easy.

The packaged download of the Expresso XML source is available on site at:
[please get full url].

This download includes a copy of the Xerces XML parser and the Xalan XSLT
transformation tool, both synchronized to the current version of Expresso
and the Expresso XML project. Please visit the Apache site (www.apache.org)
for more information about these two powerful tools. Expresso 2.00ea (or
greater) should be used with Expresso XML.

The Express XML project is continuing in development with rapid progress
that comes as a result of the feedback and contributions. The project has
task list items for the community to add to and welcome you to be involved
as a contributor. If you'd like to participate, drop us a line at info@javacorporate.com.