Extentech Sets May 1st Release Date for ExtenXLS

April 18, 2001 - San Francisco

ExtenXLS is a 100% Java reporting tool which uses Microsoft Excel files as
templates for dynamic data such as web site usage reports, financial analysis,
and statistical charting.

This API can be used to create a Excel files which contain all of the features
that you want to present including any charts, formatting, text, and numerical
data -- all without any native Microsoft code.

You then use a simple Java API to bind database values to individual cells
on the worksheets. From there, you can a single Java command to generate
an Excel file which merges the template with the data and voila! -- a killer

The tool is easy to use in Servlets and JSP pages, to stream dynamic Excel
files to users visiting your web site.

For more information on this cool new tool visit:


Of course, end-users will need Excel on their computer to view the generated
Excel files, but because it's 100% Java, you don't need Windows on your server
to use the API.

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