TCC Announces Release of Rexip, a Visual Java Platform

Rexip Release 1.0 available to Developer Community
Rexip Standard is a visual Java platform for development and deployment of
highly configurable Internet/Intranet business applications. Rexip Standard
comes with a set of visual tools that
- accelerates your project implementation;
- enables you to build business applications configurable by your customers.

It contains an application server plus a development environment for developing
applications that run on the server. Packaged into Rexip are many productivity
enhancement components, including auto-code generators, software engines,
and built-in J2EE functions and services. In addition, its framework facilitates
clear separation of presentation, data, and business-logic layers.

Rexip is written in Java and runs on any operating system and hardware with
a Java Virtual Machine. Come to join our developer community at
and enjoy free download of developer software, free support through our developer
forum, and free download of all technical documents.