dotJ Software is pleased to announce its new dotJ Custom Tag Library!

dotJ contains a powerful set of tags that will help you greatly reduce your
JSP development efforts. This feature rich library attempts to trivialize
the most common idioms web developers face when building JSP based web applications.
Check out dotJ and our comprehensive set of samples at

dotJ Tags include:

Grid Tag:
Let dotJ draw your SQL ResultSet as an interactive data grid. Features include
automatic column sorting, customized paging, and field hyperlinking. In addition
to binding the grid to a SQL ResultSet, you can also bind to your own Collection
of custom JavaBeans.

HTML Form Tags:
This set of HTML form tags allow you to provide sophisticated forms for your
clients with very little effort. This framework of tags has built in support
for pre-defined and custom validation of any form field. Field validation
is always done server-side and is done client-side for uplevel browsers (IE4+,
NS6+). If you've previewed Microsoft's upcoming Web Controls in .Net, then
you'll correlate with our set of HTML form tags.

I/O Tags:
Perform inline SQL using the sql tag. Send text or HTML emails using the
simple but powerful email tag, which supports cc, bcc, and attachments. Include
dynamic content using the content tag. Other tags include filesize, lastmodified,
and encode/decode tags.

Upload Tag:
Upload files to your server by using the advanced upload tag. You can limit
the number of bytes the upload request will process. Also, you can allow
or deny certain mime types. In addition, you can specify where to upload
the files. The upload tag is scriptable, so you can access other form fields
and also query any errors or rejected files.

Utility Tags:
Rotate images sequentially or randomly using the image rotator tag. Or rotate
advertisements using your own impression scheme using the ad rotator tag.
Detect which browser a visitor to your site has using the snigger tag.

Format Tags:
Display currencies, numbers and dates in any format or locale using the currency,
number and date tags. Master the display of textual data using the lowercase,
uppercase, mixedcase, and titlecase tags. Parse a Cascading Stylesheet (CSS)
file using the stylesheet tag.

So come see for yourself at If you're a no-nonsense,
hard-core JSP developer, you'll understand how this new and powerful tag
library can help reduce your coding effort on your next JSP project.

dotJ Software
"Quickening the Pace of JSP Development"