Salmon LLC is pleased to announce the release of JADE 1.1, the open source
rapid application development tool for the J2EE. Since the initial release
of JADE two months ago more than 20,000 developers within the open source
community have downloaded a copy and provided a great deal of positive feedback.
In response to the feedback, we have added the following new features:

A plug in for the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment. You can now
use Eclipse as well as IntelliJ IDEA for your JADE Development
JDK 1.4 support
A WML tag library
Better support for clustered environments
Extended form validation functionality
Extended code assist functionality in Dreamweaver

For those unfamiliar with JADE, it is a Java framework and JSP tag library
that integrates with best-of-breed off the shelf tools, Dreamweaver, IntelliJ
IDEA and now Eclipse to provide an end-to-end solution for developing database
driven web applications and web sites for the J2EE. It provides the following

Best-of-breed tools:

JADE makes use of best-of-breed tools that make your life easier, not get
in the way.

Increased programmer productivity:

Paint your web application GUI in a visual environment (Dreamweaver).
Use our code generators help you build the back end Java code quickly.

A solid Object Oriented foundation for your web application:

JADE uses the Model-View-Controller design pattern to separate business logic
from presentation. You can create a GUI in JADE using absolutely no in-line
Java in your JSP. This allows for seamless separation of tools (use the IDE
for Java and Dreamweaver for the JSP) as well as specialization on the development
team. In addition, JADE uses industry accepted design patterns like event
listeners and smart GUI components to help you speed your development effort
and end up with a robust, maintainable application in the end.

A battle-tested tool:

Although JADE was released as open source only a few months ago, it has been
in use privately as the foundation for a J2EE consulting practice for several
years. In that time, we have used it to build web applications both large
and small and in the process have put the tool "through the wars". All of
our components are robust and high performance and have been thoroughly tested
in real world applications.

For more information on JADE take a look at

JADE can be downloaded free of charge from Source Forge at

About Salmon LLC:

Founded in 1995, Salmon LLC specializes in the development of Java applications
using object-oriented languages, tools and techniques within intranet and
Internet and architectures. Project management skills and in-depth technology
expertise provide a basis for cost-effective solutions and flexible business
arrangements. We offer both traditional consulting and fixed-price solutions.
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