April 1, 2003

InDelv Software announces the release of InDelv XF - an XML formatting and
generation tool.

XF is the industry's most flexible XML formatter. It includes a desktop Workbench
window for end users which allows you to view, print, create PDF and generate
XML content. There are also two class library versions, one for client workstations
and one for servers.

Content can be formatted using XSL Format Objects, CSS2 or XHTML. The end
results can be previewed on screen using page layout, continuous and source
view styles. The formatted content can then be sent to a printer or exported
as PDF content.

When used as a class library, the programming API can be accessed using C#
classes, Java classes or an XML namespace designed to control output tasks.
The output namespace supports printing, PDF generation, XSLT generation,
saving files, dynamic inclusion and queue building.

Support for XSLT is an important feature and is provided in the Workbench
and class library versions. XSLT stylesheets can be loaded dynamically when
viewing documents, applied using an interactive dialog, or assigned using
the output namespace.

The different versions for C# and Java are written entirely in those languages.
The library/executable size is <800KB on both platforms and performance is
excellent relative to the capabilities of each platform.

For those interested in object-oriented programming in general, the two versions
offer a good comparison of each platform "head to head" in a relatively complex
application. Both platforms offer a stable environment and have been enjoyable
to program in.

Free trial versions are available for download now at http://www.indelv.com.
The product is still in beta testing while some final XSL/CSS features are
added, however it is stable and substantially complete.

Prices start at US$299 for the standalone desktop version. A special discount
of 30% is available until April 25 which drops the price to $209 for the
next several weeks.

More information can be found at http://www.indelv.com including links to
the free trial version.


Best Regards,

Rob Brown
InDelv Software, Inc.