Are you implementing Serializable in your & also check if
you have a no args constructor.

"Avanti" <> wrote:
>Please check for the BeanInfo file..
>"Jyoti" <> wrote:
>>I am facing a problem while trying to load my bean's jar file in the jars
>>directory of BDK .It says that my jar file does not have the bean and it
>>is empty.also use the manifest file.
>>I have my bean java file on c:\
>>Also the class file is on c:\
>>And the manifest file also on c:\
>>the manifest file says:
>>Name: SimpleBean.class
>>Java-Bean: True
>>Also the jar file i am creating on c:\ and then moving it to the jars directory.
>>the jar command is
>>jar cfm c:\SimpleBean.jar c:\ c:\SimpleBean.class
>>Where am i going wrong??????
>>If I get a solution to this i will be greatly obliged.