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    christy Guest

    jsp property methods

    Is it nessasary to use jsp set and get property methods to access the attribute
    of the fields in the html page.

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    tagreid Guest

    Re: jsp property methods


    No, you can use any class, javabean, servlet, etc. - you don't have to use
    a javabean. For example:

    <%@ page import="CalcClass" session="true" %>
    <jsp:useBean id="calcClass" class="CalcClass" scope="page" />
    <%=calcClass.calcInterest(%><Input name="total"><%) %>

    This bean calls a class method from the class "CalcClass", which calculates
    interest on an amount entered by the user. Of course, the value would have
    to be parsed to an integer from a string to work. The point is that you can
    use the full power of java when using jsp - that's the beauty of it! And
    it will work anywhere! Since I've been programming jsp I've found it to be
    so much more powerful, but much harder/longer to code than asp. I don't want
    to go off on another tangent, so if you have any questions you can email
    me. Hope it helped.


    "christy" <mathewscm@yahoo.com> wrote:
    >Is it nessasary to use jsp set and get property methods to access the attribute
    >of the fields in the html page.

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