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Thread: Image Button

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    Rocco Balsamo Guest

    Image Button

    Is there any way to place an image on a Button? Or is this not

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    Paul Clapham Guest

    Re: Image Button

    Rocco Balsamo <rbalsamo@hillier.com> wrote in message
    > Is there any way to place an image on a Button? Or is this not possible?

    Copied from the documentation for class JButton:
    -----------------start copy----------------------------

    public JButton(Icon icon)

    Creates a button with an icon.
    icon - the Icon image to display on the button
    -----------------end copy-----------------------------

    However, if you can't use Swing the answer appears to be No. But I suppose
    you might be able to create a class that extends Button by making the button
    transparent or invisible or something (override the paint() method to do
    nothing?), placing the object of your class on top of your chosen Image, and
    getting button clicks when the user thinks they're clicking on the image.
    Haven't tried this myself, just an idea.

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