Hello all.I am Rajiv.Along with 8 other
students ,I am involved in developing a real time video
conferencing appl. using JMF and JDK1.2(using rtp and
h.263). Lately we are experencing problems using the native
java media player.So our guide wants us to integrate other
media engines into the framework.The only source of
information is the API guide and in there we could find only
2-3 lines that the new release has a method of calling other
players like realplayer thru java.I have downloaded the Realplayer SDK,
but am not getting the idea how it should be installed correctly.
We would be very glad if anybody give us the steps in doing
so.And one more thing.Will the system resources be well
managed if we use other players to present the conference
??This question arises because the JMF player takes too much
of memory and that maybe in our opinion causes the whole
system to crash/.
Looking forward to an detailed reply from you.Thanks .
Warm regards.