I packaged a Javabean into an ActiveX component and am having trouble getting
it to work in VB:

The bean uses a Visibroker ORB to communicate with a server and works correctly
when run with Visibrokers jvm, 'vbj.exe'. The bean runs from the command
line correctly (there is a main method included) and from the Beanbox utility
(when Beanbox is run with 'vbj'). After adding the ActiveX component to VB
I was able to add the component to a form. It will run from here, but it
crashes with a VB/CORBA error:
Run-time error '20':
org.omg.CORBA.BAD_PARAM: minor code:0 completed: No

Anything I should be doing differently to get it working in VB?
Has anyone worked in this area who could help me out?

Thanks in advance,