I'm working on a web site ..which uses -- Javabeans -JSP combination.
back-end is Ms-Access Database, i'm connecting to databases using JDBC from
Javabeans.. and in my JSP pages i'm using those JavaBeans.

I am using Apache Web server with Tomcat 1.3 as JSP-Servlet Engine on Windows
NT workstation 4.0 with 128 MB RAM and 20 GB hard disk.

I am using different JavaBeans of different JSP pages according to my requirements,
i've kept the scope of javabeans to "page".

Now, as per my expectations, the Tomcat would keep releasing memory of the
class objects (bean objects) after unloading the page. But, it doesn't happen.
And the memory consumed by the process "java.exe" keeps increasing and at
last the Physical Memory of the machine dumps.

So, how can I improve the memory management and releasing in my JSP pages/JavaBeans...or
by any way in Tomcat Server ??

Any reply/guidance would be of a great help...

thanks in advance, cvshah.