We have a simple servlet that fetches a PDF from a database and sends it back
with the content type set to application/pdf.

This works fine in most cases but in some IE browsers the pdf displays as
a blank page or a little image icon. It will display properly if you save
the file to disk then open it or if you turn off web integration on Acrobat4
so that it loads up acrobat in a separate window.

The Adobe site suggests using Netscape (not acceptable) or saving the pdf
to a file on the web server and sending back a dummy HTML page with a refresh
pointing to the file (works but messy).

Curiously using a sendRedirect() does not work but sending back a dummy page
with a META line to redirect does work????

Has anybody come up with a better solution.

We are using Apache 1.3.6 on an HPUX box.

Richard McLaren