I have to disagree. It largely depends on what type of applications you are
developing. If you need a full-featured GUI Designer, then go with Visual
Cafe, or J++. The downside of those, which is the up side for Kawa, is that
they sometimes require use of proprietary wrapper classes around the GUI
components. In fact, you cannot use straight AWT with J++ (or if you can,
it's been obfuscated in typical Microsoft fashion). The only advantage J++
provides is it's integration with the rest of the Visual Studio Development
tools, and it's ability to compile native Win32 apps which do not require
any extra .dll's. Visual Cafe will compile native apps, but they require
a .dll to be installed with it. You can use AWT and Swing with Visual Cafe,
and are not required to use wrapper classes unless you want to (some of them
have rather useful extensions to AWT/Swing). For our organization, we use
Visual Cafe, after careful consideration of the available IDEs (JBuilder,
J++, Visual Age, Visual Cafe, Oracle JDeveloper, Sun Java Workshop). That
is because our primary concern was rapid development of cross-platform apps
and applets which access Microsoft SQL Servers. In short, I disagree with
Jason below, and make my list this way. BTW, for enterprise development,
I wouldn't consider Kawa... unless you're trying to cost your company time
and money, use Visual Cafe or J++.

1. Symantec Visual Cafe
2. Microsoft J++ (ONLY if you're developing Windows native apps)
3. Kawa 3.0 (Really not suitable for enterprise environment)
4. Sun Java Workshop (with jForge for GUI design)

Keep in mind that it really, really depends on what you're doing with Java.
The various IDEs can be worth more or less depending on your application.
I also find that using the IDE to produce your code, and then using the javac
compiler will help identify probable areas of incompatibility with the 100%
Pure Java, and seems to produce clean java bytecode.

"dale" <dalea@rx.com> wrote:
>For the enterprise:
>1. Kawa 3.0
>"Jason Cono" <jason@networldexchange.com> wrote:
>>1. Microsoft J++
>>2. Inprise JBuilder 3
>>4. Sun NetBeans
>>4. Symantec Cafe
>>5. VisualAge
>>"shailaza" <shaila@cavendish.co.uk> wrote:
>>>Hello Java Experts..
>>>Can anyone give me the comparison study for the best available JAVA IDE

>>>the market..
>>>Microsoft J++
>>>Symantec Cafe
>>>and etc..