Hi folks,
I need to create a Multi-Plaform CD that will contain an MS Access 97 database
as well as a Java search engine that will provide accessibility to the data.
I have found a jdbc driver to connect to Access (JDataConnect), but I have
run into some difficulties.

The mdb will be included on the CD, but it would be nice if the search engine
could attempt to connect to a remote version of the same database first and
look for updates to the data. Should the user not have access to the internet,
the search engine would use the local copy of the database instead. However,
in order to connect to the mdb file, one must use a DSN or provide the full
path to the file using DBQ=<filename> in the connect string. The problem
is that this path could change depending on the platform (UNIX and Macs have
a different way of addressing CD-ROM drives than PCs) and on the drive letter
(on Windows).
How can I ensure that the database on the CD will always be found by the
search engine???

Also, in order to use the jdbc driver to connect to the mdb file, the JDataServer
must be running as a service (on Windows NT) or as a DOS application (on
Windows 9x). This obviously is a problem if the CD is to run on Mac and UNIX
machines. What other solutions do I have???

Thanks for the help...