Unbelievable developers needed for the largest privately held development
organization in the nation. My mandate is to locate the top development
talent to be involved in defining, building and solving the most difficult
technical software problems in the industry. I am looking for extremely
talented development professionals who are interested in driving technology,
creating solutions/results, and would enjoy working with the best technical
minds in the industry.

An aggressive development company that has an absolute world-class collection
of talent focused on short product cycles. They are experts in leading edge
technologies like Java, C++, EJB and Object Oriented Design.

Working in small teams, they have complete ownership of their products from
start to finish. There is an unbelievable compensation structure built for
this opportunity. If you have and interest in speaking, please respond to
this e-mail or simply contact me at the information below. I look forward
to hearing from you soon.

Wayne Willis
Toll: 888.267.0678 ext. 106
Phone: 940.612.5300 ext. 106
"Understanding is relative" ~P.D. Ouspensky