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    George Guest

    Access & VB Combination

    Can i combine an access database with a visual basic front end

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    Rob Vieira Guest

    Re: Access & VB Combination

    Absolutely. Indeed, for a long time (I'm really dating myself here folks!),
    Access was sort of the "assumed" database for VB applications.

    The easiest approach is usually just to set a reference to the Microsoft DAO
    Object Library - much as you would probably do with ADO if you were
    connecting to SQL Server or some other non-Access data source. Keep in mind
    that sticking with ADO though (which you can also use to connect with JET
    (aka Access) databases will probably put you in a somewhat better position
    should you later decide you want to port your code over to use SQL Server or
    some other major RDBMS system.

    Rob Vieira
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    "George" <lazonga37@hotmail.com> wrote in message
    > Can i combine an access database with a visual basic front end

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