I made an error in this past post. You are allowed to append the
?Variable=20 to the end of a URL, I had another error that caused me to
believe that there was a MalformedURLException. Sorry again.


Rocco Balsamo wrote:

> OK, now that I know how to open a browser window from an applet, I still
> have one problem: I need to send info from an applet to a webpage. The
> web page needs to receive the info in the form:
> http://www.server.com/page.asp?Variable=20
> Using the applet.showDocument(URL url) method requires a valid URL as
> its parameter. When constructing a URL, I try to append the
> "?Variable=20" string, but I either get a MalformedURLException, or the
> URL omits the "?Variable=20" parameter totally. What can I do, if
> anything?
> Thanks,
> Rocco