Hai everybody,
Recently i got an interesting problem, our application involves the usage
of some third party tool, when i call that program depending on the request
it will give a frame containing some components. The requirement of my application
is to navigate between the frames given by that tool. Some how i managed
to get into the code where he is instantiating the frame.
In order to navigate between them i need the reference, in my case it is
not possible to get the reference. So what i thought is better serialize
the frame in the code of the third party tool. When i am seralizing the
frame i am getting the exception NonSerializable excepiton: sun.com.awt.WImage
( I think this may be the image at top left corner -the hot coffee cup )
so replaced the image with my own logo and while declaring the image i declared
it as transient. Eventhough i am getting the same problem as above . Is there
any body to help out this. Thanx in advance.