Dear All,

I have these program written in Informix7 and C.
The problem is I need to call both program through Java JNI program.
Well, below is my steps:

1.I create java program called
2.Compiled using javac --> got Average.class
3.Create header file using javah -jni Average --> got Average.h
4.I created C native program called AverageImp.c
5.Now the problem is:
- This C program is linked with Informix object file (lets say Client.4gl/o).
- ..using fgl_start() and fgl_call() inside fglapi.h include file.

- Now how do I linked both program and create shared library in
the system?
- Do I use cc -G or c4gl -c or ld -G ?
- Which compiler should I used...C or Informix?

Please anybody can help me?

Thanks for your attention.

-buyong 006-03-9802643-