We have a table that is used as an Audit Log. When a row is inserted via
a store procedure which is a FatalError / ImportantInformation, then I call:
RAISERROR (90000, 9, 1, @FullDescription), which causes the SQL Alert mechanism
to succesfully perform a NetSend (via a SQL Server event alert).

However if two RAISERRORS are called within say a minute[eg 'Test system
down' and 'Live system down'], then although they are both in the EventLog,
and both in the SQL Log, only one Alert is sent.

This may be due to the Alerter not wanting to send multiple alerts for the
same event, or cause recursive alerts. However the descriptions of the alerts
are different!

I have tested different values for the Delay between responses (0 seconds
and 30 seconds), but that doesnt help.

It is important for us to get an Alert on ALL RaiseErrors, even if they are
one directly after another. How can we configure this?

ps. Another question on alerts: The operator information is stored in the
msdb database in sysoperators. If I want to add additional columns to this
table, is it a good idea? (It is for storing a cell(mobile) phone number
for sending SMS (Short Message service). The SQL Server pager mechanism does
not work in South Africa for cell phones).