I am trying to read a record from the database...and I am hgetting the values
of the first record and I am displaying them on to screen, but if i want
to iterate over all the records and display records onebyone(i mean multiple
records)..how do I do it..pls let me know....I am sending you the code below..


* readTransaction method for reding the different transactions that relate
to a different accounts in the PaymentBean
public long readTransaction()
// using prepared statement object to retrieve the values from the database
at runtime using place holder columns.
st = con.createStatement();
// setting the runtime values for the prepared statement object.
// executuing the SQL select query.
rs = st.executeQuery(Select * from tblCUSTRANS);
// iterating over the retrieved resultset object to the get the
required values.
L_SID = rs.getString("SID");
L_AccountNo = rs.getString("AccountNo");
L_StatementNo = rs.getString("StatementNo");
L_StatementDate = rs.getDate("StatementDate");
L_CreditCardNo = rs.getString("CreditCardNo");
L_CreditCardType = rs.getString("CreditCardType");
L_CreditCardSeqNo = rs.getString("CreditCardSeqNo");
L_CardHolderName = rs.getString("CardHolderName");
L_APACSMessage = rs.getString("APACSMessage");
L_TransID = rs.getInt("TransID");
L_PaymentDateTime = rs.getTimestamp("PaymentDateTime");
L_PaymentAmount = rs.getLong("PaymentAmount");
catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); }
return 0 ;