I wrote 3 Servlets performing some action and
just looking up if there's a Session and 1 Servlet creating a Session(that
LoginServlet).If i use a Webbrowser - every thing
is workin fine.

Now i want my SwingClient to use the Servlets.

I can create a Session calling my LoginServlet
using the class URL.But when i connect to the other servlets , they tell
me that thers no

Now i search for a possebility to get the session
from my LogingServlet and transfer it to my other servlets.

My first Idea was to use res.encodeUrl()
- and write it out as HTML comment, the i send a request,
parse the HTML Paage , and get the rewrittenURL.
BUT : this dont works - i als dont works with the Webbrowser.
I deactivated cookies ! so res.encodeUrl() should work nut i dont

Do anyone of you know what ot do ?



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