This is an example of my java:
<param name="desc0-0-2-0" value="Assembly MEE4326-3013">
<p><a href="file:///J%7C/PPI_Web/WebSites/Goodyear/BOM/mee4326-3013.htm"><img
src="file:///J%7C/PPI_Web/WebSites/Goodyear/JavaNav/bom.jpg" align="baseline"></a></p>
It's for a scrolling tree menu
I'd like to add a small button after the text in the menu that links to
a separate html page that opens in "main" frame.
The HTML I've added is not making this button appear.
Am I on the right track, or am I grasping at straws. Help!

Thanks in advance
Eric J. Marschall