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Thread: Embedded JVM

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    Chtite mary Guest

    Embedded JVM

    Hello !

    I'm looking for an embedded JVM for a pda.

    Best regards,


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    Steve Franklin Guest

    Re: Embedded JVM

    "Chtite mary" <tea@esisar.inpg.fr> wrote:
    >I'm looking for an embedded JVM for a pda.

    It depends on which PDA you are trying to target. Although
    the big players are getting into the PDA market, one of the
    more popular VMs is called Waba:

    * http://www.wabasoft.com/

    Waba is very compact, available on a broad spectrum of PDAs
    and free (GPL'd). However, Waba is _not_ actually a licensed
    JVM and is missing some core Java features.

    If memory isn't a problem and you need commercial support,
    check out:

    * http://java.sun.com/products/cldc/ (Sun's KVM)
    * http://www.embedded.oti.com/

    You can also find a FAQ archive on this topic:

    * http://www.jguru.com/jguru/faq/faqpage.jsp?name=J2ME

    Here's an article discussing J2ME development:

    * http://www.lotus.com/developers/devb.../doc2000121401


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