hi all,

I'm making my first web app under websphere + visual age.
my web app is really simple : i have currencies and i must update the
currency change rate each month. so i have 2 specific functions in my
servlet :

- search function: search for the good currency in the database
- apply function : apply the changes and refresh the web page with the new

I've done almost all work except something.
here is my question : i don't know what is the best way to do, maybe you

could help me :

when I've executed the search function, how should i load the results of

my search in the web page ?
should i use variables in the jsp, call the search function in my servlet

, put the values found in the variables of the jsp and then call the jsp

to be refreshed from the servlet with the variables ? or is there a
"cleaner" method to do ?

I'm sorry for my coarse English,