We are working with WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition 3.5, IBM
HTTPServer on AIX. Both the webserver and the App Server are running on the
same machine.
We are facing a problem with the IBM Http Server.
The Web Server cannot be restarted and it gives a core dump.
Yet, if we try to start it after excluding the WebSphere modules i.e. by
commenting out the relevant LoadModule (mod_ibm_app_server.so), AddModule
(mod_app_server.c) and Alias (bootstrap.properties) lines of code, from the
httpd.conf file of IBM HTTPServer, it starts up.
Also, WebSphere Application server is working fine.
We had not made any changes through the WebSphere admin console. We hadn't
changed the code either. We did not face any problems till 7th June. But
on 8th June, the webserver stopped working and we couldn't restart it.

Any ideas of why this problem may be occurring ? If so, any help will be