I've been doing some fat client applet development connecting with JDBC to
Oracle for a while. Now, our clients are getting tired of downloading the
large .jar files and having to update their .java.policy file every time
we change the database location. So the question, is anybody using a rich
GUI front end applet to call a servlet or EJB that is connecting to a database?
We want our apps to look like a "traditional" client/server C++ application
(ie using a JTable to display rows and GUI cell renderers, instead of an
HTML table with just text), but I'm thinking with the Java security, we'll
need to make the connection from the servlet or EJB to the db to avoid having
to have each client update their .java.policy with that IP address. We're
also going to move most of our business logic to the back end, but then how
can we reference all of the JTextFields on our content pane wihtout passing
a huge name pair string to the doGet call? I'd rather pass the applet and
use our xxxFld.getText calls, but is serializing and passing an entire applet
across the lines going to be too much to deal with? Any suggestions would
receive a warm welcome.