Maybe this is a stupid beginner-question...

Someting I could do in Access (2, 97), but not in SQL Server 2000(example):

- In a table tblPCs I originally had a field with PCTypes (as text). I want
to replace it by a foreign key PCTypeID.

- I add the column PCTypeID to tblPCs, build a new table tblPCType with

- The problem is to insert the right PCTypeIDs into tblPCs. In access I
did it with this query, joining the two tables:

LEFT JOIN tblPCTypes ON tblPCs.PCType = tblPCTypes.PCType
SET tblPCs.PCTypeID = tblPCTypes.PCTypeID

- In SQL Server this does not work (don't quite remember the errormessage
right now), he seems to like only "one record updates"!?

- What surprises me: when I did this once in Access and watched, what SQLServer
was doing (with a large table), it looked like 3 statements per row, not
like one SQL statement.

What is the right way to do it in SQL Server. If the answer is: do it on
a record by record base, I know how to do it (e.g. stored procedure with
cursor, walking through records or ADO recordset in VB-Program).

Anything better than that???

Thanks in advance.

Kindly yours

Werner Zoller