I have this problem.

I use DeployTool (J2SDKEE 1.3), when I try to deploy my application EAR
it appears this error message (logs file, output file).

Logging for J2EE Server Version: 1.3-beta2-b35 started at: Fri Aug 31 09:54:50
CEST 2001..
Using the Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM and the version number 1.3.0 from Sun
Microsystems Inc..
VM is using the classpath: C:\j2sdkee1.3\lib\system\cloudscape.jar;C:\j2sdkee1.3\lib\system\tools.jar;C:\j2sdkee1.3\l ib\cloudscape\RmiJdbc.jar;C:\j2sdkee1.3\lib\cloudscape\client.jar;C:\j2sdkee1.3\lib\classe s;C:\j2sdkee1.3\classes;C:\j2sdkee1.3\lib\j2ee.ja
r;C:\j2sdkee1.3\lib\locale;C:\jdk1.3\jre\lib\rt.jar;C:\jdk1.3\lib\tools.jar;.;C:\j2sdkee1. 3\lib\jhall.jar